Unlocking Seamless
Supply Chains with

efficient Distribution Solutions

We assist clients in ensuring cargo is distributed timeously
and efficiently to and from anywhere in the world.

Distribution Services

Specialized distribution services including transload, cross-docking and warehousing services.

As a proud member of the Santova Group, our team in the US is able to facilitate the seamless movement of goods and cargo globally, including specialized distribution services such as transload, cross-docking and warehousing services.

Leveraging off our global network of over 22 offices across 11 countries, we are able to offer an end-to-end service at competitive rates tailored to your unique import and export requirements.

Our end-to-end distribution services include:

Transload Services

An efficient transloading service ensures that goods are seamlessly moved from one mode of transportation (for example a ship or plane) to another mode (such as a truck or warehouse) without significant storage or processing in between. Superior transloading services lower costs, transit times and accessorial fees. Our extensive network of transload facilities provide comprehensive solutions, resulting in a more efficient solution, saving you time and money.

Cross-Docking Services

Our reliable cross-docking solutions are geared towards rapid distribution without significant storage. These slick operations keeps your freight moving and material handling costs down.

Our team at Santova Logistics ensures the process is done quickly and efficiently, decreasing storage times and warehouse costs.


Aside from specialized transload and cross-docking solutions, we also have access to strategically located short and long-term storage and warehousing space, ensuring secure storage and enabling efficient distribution in the order fulfillment process.