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At Santova, we believe in a digital future. Our constant innovation and technological development keep our customers ahead of the game, ensuring access to quality data necessary to proactively manage their supply chains.

Working with the Santova Group’s technology, Santova Logistics is able to offer TradeNav to our customers. TradeNav has been designed to empower customers by providing accurate, real-time information round the clock. It assists in unlocking supply chain data, enabling visibility and accurate real-time tracking. TradeNav is accessible via the Santova App, which offers live shipment tracking and progress alerts, electronic document distribution and live chat support.

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Supply Chain Advisory Services

End-to-end Supply Chain Optimization

Through our extensive experience in the industry, we have gained valuable insight into the workings of global supply chains. Through this knowledge, we offer comprehensive supply chain consulting and advisory services to our clients, which includes the design, implementation, coordination and monitoring of interdependent supply chain activities.

We assist customers with streamlining processes, increasing profit margins and creating a competitive advantage through the alignment of business strategy with supply chain optimisation. Our team of specialists analyse key operational and financial metrics, existing business operations and available resources, time and budget constraints in order to outline strategies to achieve effective and efficient business processes.

There are numerous ways to optimise supply chains, however we typically focus on the below areas:

Mapping the Current Supply Chain

Determining the organisations key individuals, operational processes and available resources to gain an understanding of the current supply chain.

Client Sourcing and Procurement

Understanding and enhancing the business processes necessary to acquire goods and services, including the Make-Buy decision, supplier procurement, interaction and contractual agreements.

Inventory Management

Identifying and optimizing the inventory management process and executing cost-cutting / time saving strategic strategies to ensure inventory is viewed as an asset rather than a cost.

Transportation & Freight Management

Identifying and optimizing the most appropriate cost and time effective method of delivering goods to consumers, be that by air, sea, road or rail.

Sophisticated Technologies and Software Packages

Leveraging off both the Santova Group and external parties to ensure our customers have constant access to relevant, reliable and automated systems and procedures.

Team Dynamics

Determining methods for increasing external supplier and internal employee engagement, productivity and processes which results in exceeding end customer expectations.